Sadhana Misal – Chulivarchi Misal🌶️🔥

Misal comes in one of the famous dish of Maharashtra, India. You can have it as a Breakfast or as a meal. It consists of pav, misal – made of mataki(moth bean sprouts), topping with farsan, onion and coriander. The gravy is hot and spicy. The moth bean sprouts (matki sprouts) added in misal makes it healthy. It is originated from the western Indian state of Maharashtra, precisely from Nashik, Maharashtra. There are many varieties in misal according to the region.

Sadhana Misal at Nashik is famous for Chulivarchi misal..Indian traditional way of cooking (earthen stove)
It is served along with curd or buttermilk, papad.
The theme of this place is – Village. Old traditional type of constructions. The walls are designed by warli painting. Evening the sitting arrangements are of old time.
Relax and enjoy the meal the beautiful atmosphere🧡
Ducks, Rabbits any more animals makes the children joyful..We can enjoy the camel ride, horse ride and Bullock cart ride.
Puppet show enhance the beauty and the entertainment of this place.💃
Best place to spend time with your love ones, family, friends in the calm, traditional atmosphere..far from the busy life of the city.🧘
Many such selfie points in the surroundings which attracts the selfie lovers..🤳
At the last end up with dessert…Paan or ice cream…there are various varieties and flavours here.🍧

If you are misal comments on this post..share the best place or the type of misal you enjoyed.😊

Karnala Bird Sanctuary 🦜🦚🦅🕊️🌳☘️🌴🌿

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located in Panvel of Raigad district, Maharashtra, India. Best place for nature lovers😍
It is home of over 222 species birds of which 161 are resident species, 46 are winter migrant species.
It is a popular destination for bird-watcher.

Best place to spend time in nature with melodious sound of chirping of birds🎵

It’s beauty will surely make you fall in love!!
Also it has fort in it, you have to climb the rocks and the natural pathway.

Photos credit: Yashodeep Pawar🙏


मी पहावे तु दिसावे,
प्रित आपली कधी न मिटावे…

तुझ्या पापण्यांच्या सावली खाली,
स्वप्न आपले रंगत जावे…

तुझ्या शब्दांच्या सुरात,
मन माझे मग्न व्हावे…

तुझ्या पावलांच्या वाटे वरती,
मी स्वताःला विसरून यावे…

तुझ्या सावलीच्या छायेत,
मी आश्रय घ्यावे…

तुझ्या डोळ्यातल्या आरश्यात,
मी स्वता:ला पहावे…

तुझ्या हाथात हात देऊनी,
मी कायम साथ द्यावे…


Easy to notice, tough to conceal..

On clothes, easily wipe off by leaving the marks..

On person, hard to erase by recalling faults..

On fruits and veggies, smudges by decaying all..

On face, highlights by beauty falling off..

But on Moon, enhance it’s beauty to shine in dark…

Story of Humanity

In this time of Covid 19, it was a busy morning as usual… everyone was aiming to catch bus to reach their destinations. After some time bus arrived on bus stand. All the passenger entered the bus. All faces were covered by masks. Everyone was trying to maintain social distance in the bus and protect themselves. The one who wished to get down at the upcoming halt were moving towards the front door. One lady carrying some stuff in her hand walking hard towards the exit. Bus stopped at the halt, but she was standing near the driver instead of getting down. She gave the things in her hand to the driver. The driver looked at her with surprise. She told the driver that – ” This is for you. You need this more than others !!!” And the driver was silently looking at her. I tried to focus in detail at the thing she gave, it was mask and hand gloves.

There are some people whom we never saw , whom we never had a talk with. There existence is just for a few seconds in our life. But they leave by teaching us many valuable things, through their words or through their act. Like that lady taught me the lesson of Mankind…. Humanity!!

Life after lockdown

Lockdown is over
Everyone did makeover…

Stepping out with grit
Keep social distance when we meet..

Constantly dread in mind
Be positive all the time

Lonely roads are infrequent
There will be flow of sprint..

All faces are defenced with sheath
Will released for  calm breath

Guards fights leaving a scar
Be safe where you are

A small message – We are thankful to all our doctors, health workers, Police, cleaners for there support. It’s really hard to survive with all the protectors mask, gloves and many more. The only message can be given is – to maintain social distance, wear protection before leaving home..wash hands frequently..go outside only if required…take care of yourself and others..Be positive on your thoughts not on reports

Spread of Happiness through Vision 👀👓

According to WHO, a person with low vision is one who has impairment of visual functioning even after treatment and/or standard refractive correction, and has a visual acuity of less than 6/18 to light perception, or a visual field less than 10 degrees from the point of fixation.

It was a favorable work done with Community Eye Care Foundation and Dr Gogates eye Clinic..
The students of blind school were examined and the Low Vision Aids, Spectacles were given to the needy.

There happiness was reflected as a rainbow when they started able to see.

It was a wonderful experience, to spend time with them. I was thankful and blessed for this opportunity.

Here’s a short poem to describe there life…

Their life is fully black and white,
But they paint it with inner light….

Their eyes cannot see things and read books,
But heart can read minds and visualise looks….

Some were blind since birth and Some acquired it later,
But they help and understand each other in a manner way better….

They have numerous difficulties
But they are ocean of positivity….

They have lost their natural gift of eyesight,
But surely accept it with no fear and fright

They are somewhere imperfect and incomplete,
But enjoy life to fullest and live it complete….

They face a lot of pain and struggle
But are blessed with high patience level

Their life is always in danger and trouble,
But confidently prove that Nothing is Impossible….

Their aims and ambition makes clear their decision,
Does really Sight needed to have a Vision ????

There I met a girl, she was the international player in judo champion for blinds.
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